Hiring a film studio no longer has to put you out of a budget and can take your production to the next level.Converting your home into a professional sounding and looking studio is now history too.

Considering that studios nowadays offer you everything you need for your film production.



Green Screen

So what is a green screen? Well, firstly it’s the basis of all special effects, from your favourite movies and even the weather forecast. The technology behind it is actually pretty simple, your background is either green or blue and later on, in post production, you can use a software that will help you transform the background.

You can buy green screens at electronic stores and even eBay, but they are really expensive and require a lot of care and space. So why not hire a film studio that is equipped with a green screen for a more cost effective approach?

White Cyc

White cyc? Sounds like a super technical term but quite simply describes a large curtain or wall. Those are always flat and mostly curved at the bottom too for a smooth look – like if there is no ending. White cyc can be used for many different purposes such as photo shoots or music video productions.

If your upcoming production requires one of those backgrounds, your best option is to hire a studio with a white cyc. Film studios don’t just offer different backgrounds, but often much more that can come in useful.

Studio vs Home

We understand that a home studio can be more convenient at times, but does convenience equal best quality? Not always. Hiring a studio that is fully equipped with lighting, video, audio and post production equipment and even staff that can help you out if needed, can be of such importance. It’s a cost-effective solution, considering that film studios are equipped with everything you need.

Additionally, if you pick our studio for your upcoming project we can even offer you a camera hire service through our sister company Aim Image.

The Camden Studio

Located in central London, The Camden Studio offers a fully soundproofed and air-conditioned studio space for hire, equipped with a green room, make-up facilities, and a production office.

The Studio accommodates all lighting requirements and in association with Aimimage & Ice Film, offers exclusive combined studio hire packages with camera equipment and complete crewing service when required. For more information visit our website.