GeigerBTC introduce new wheat range

Feb 21, 2020 | Blog, Promotional Merchandise

“In recognition of the growing demand for eco alternatives for promo tech items, we have introduced new versions of our most popular gadgets. We have replaced regular plastics with a new unique ‘wheat-based’ composite based on biodegradable plastic that speeds up how fast the item can decompose after it’s useful life.

This wheat composite is unique to our products and is made using 80% biodegradable plastic and 20% wheat to create a material that bio-degrades 4x faster than normal plastic.

Our packaging is kinder to the planet too. Our wheat range is packaged using FSC paper and is designed to minimise the space used when shipping, reducing the imprint of any logistics. Additionally, it can also be customised on request (subject to MOQs), to feature your logo or campaign message.

As a result, our products are better for the environment and your brand is in safe hands.

Please have a look at our new Wheat Tech items here and do get in touch for more information.”

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