About MCH

Here at MCH we are dedicated to providing a comprehensive selection of service providers for advertising, marketing, creative and promotional campaigns, with thousands of companies available for users to choose from.

“Founded in 1984…”

MCH was founded in Bristol in 1984 with the sole purpose of helping brand owners and businesses find people who can help them with their advertising and marketing.

Starting with the South West region, the printed annual Handbooks, with spectacular front covers (selection of covers pictured right), then grew to cover 6 separate areas of the UK.

“Going online in 1996…”

MCH is now online only and was the first specialist web based directory, going online in 1996.

Our website has expanded to promote thousands of different companies in over 2000 sections, 18 hub pages, articles, as well as ever increasing city pages.

MCH started publishing handbooks in 1984


What People Are Saying

“I was asked by one my clients if MCH was a good place to advertise and which lived up to expectations.

I have evaluated the results of many directory services over the last 20 years and had not yet seen results delivered in line with the claims made. As a result I have almost always advised that the traffic delivered, in itself, has not been a suitable return on investment.

When the client’s analytics were analysed I was pleasantly surprised to see the metrics showed a clear benefit to their client. I concluded with a thumbs up and a recommendation to the client that MCH “worked”, advising the client to continue their presence on MCH.”
Keith Trigwell, Digital Growth

“Like to source local contacts with MCH”



“Easy to find what you’re looking for”

Siemens Communications


“Excellent and useful resource”



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