A belter of an offer to keep your dates in order

Oct 9, 2018 | Blog, Promotional Merchandise

For over 5,000 years we have been tracking time and the progress of the seasons through the year using calendars, early examples include the Egyptian Calendar found on the walls of Karmak temple near Luxor, The Sumarian star chart believed to be carved around 3300 BC and the sophisticated Mayan date wheel with a cycle of over 5,000 years.
Fortunately for us, Pope Gregory XIII introduced the current 12 month Gregorian calendar with a 4 yearly leap day which has largely been adopted around the world making date referencing a doddle.  Did you know that leap days are only added to the century years dividing exactly by 400 I’m sure this will cause some confusion in 2100 when it comes around and doesn’t have one!

What has any of this got to do with promotional gifts…well, for the past half a century EMC have been selling devices for you to give to your team and customers to help them keep track of their timings and appointments including desk and wall calendars, diaries and anything you can print a calendar on.

Most recently the most popular of these has been the mouse mat calendar (a normal mouse mat with a full years dates set out on it).  And once again we are offering these with a bit of help to set it out and pop your details on it.

You can choose the elements you require and we will layout and set up using your fonts, colours and images like below and for the next couple of months we can offer our own choice of mat, the hard top precision mouse mat including a full colour print for only the price of a one colour print.

This is an absolute belter of a deal as this mat will easily last the year and put your details quite literally close to hand for all your clients.

Prices start from 94p (2500 rate) for a whole years full colour advertising!

Click here or call the team on 020 8492 2200 for more details.

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