Quadrant2Design’s Photo-Floor™ innovation – now bundled in with all their Free2hire™exhibition stands

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Quadrant2Design are exhibition stand designers, who create custom-designed exhibition stands using an exclusive Swiss-designed system called the Prestige Events System.

They’ve already found great success with Prestige as the sole UK suppliers, offering a modular and reusable alternative to traditional custom-build exhibition stands.

Prestige stands are recognised for their flowing, panoramic-effect graphics, integrated digital presentations and stunning product showcasing.

Most of Quadrant2Design’s clients invest through the company’s Free2hire™ plan, which has unique environmental, efficiency and cost-reduction benefits not found with conventional hire or purchase options.

But recognition of the companys exhibition stands has really taken off, with the bundling of their new Photo-Floor™ product with every Free2hire™ exhibition stand they supply.

What is Photo-Floor™?

Photo-Floor™ is a unique product and design feature that enables exhibitors to utilise the floor-space of their exhibition stand in a creative and effective manner.

Quadrant2Design’s Alan Jenkins explains “Photo-Floor now allows graphic designers to extend clients’ graphic imagery, branding and message into the otherwise wasted floor space. After all, our clients have paid good money for this space and we don’t want it wasted!”

Graphic Designer James O’Connell: “Having photo-floor means you have a totally blank canvas that can be tailored specifically to suit an exhibitors brand and style. As well as photo and graphic content, room settings and themed environments can be created by using realistic-looking textures and photos like grass, tiles, sand and water”.

How and why was Photo-Floor™ created?

Alan Jenkins, owner and director of Quadrant2Design, understood that the exhibitor had limited options with regard to floor coverings: “while our clients’ stands have always had lovely graphics, the flooring was a disappointment – usually the low-grade exhibition carpet sourced from the show organisers on-site suppliers. We then realised that we could turn this to our exhibitor’s advantage, making their exhibition stands really stand out in a crowded exhibition hall”.

Quadrant2Design wanted Photo-Floor™ to be on all their clients’ exhibition stands, so it was decided to include it on all quotations at a small extra cost, typically equal to the cost of the ‘boring’ carpet it replaced.

It was important that Quadrant2Design, designed and manufactured Photo-Floor™ in-house for quality and cost reasons. Alan again: “because we decided to supply Photo-Floor™ on every stand we created, we could not be reliant on third-party suppliers, whose quality and reliability was not up to our standards. In the end we’ve invested close to £250,000 in large-format printing and finishing technology, to get the product we needed for our clients”.

Harry Clegg, Production Director details the investment needed: “demand for Photo-Floors™ is now so strong that two specialist printers are in use in the Q2D studio; a HP Scitex FB750 printer and an EFI Pro 16h.  The EFI Pro 16h was purchased from leading large-format machinery supplier CMYUK for its notable speed, accuracy, and overall print quality. Photo-Floors™ are precisely cut using a large-format Zund cutter”.

The success of Photo-Floor™

Three years after Photo-Floor™ made its debut; it’s easy to spot a Quadrant2Design exhibition stand in a busy exhibition hall. They are the stands with colourful branded, photo-quality, flooring, visually stunning compared to other stands in the venue.

Nearly all exhibition stands supplied by Quadrant2Design include a Photo-Floor™ and demand is growing exponentially.

Free2hire™ & Photo-Floor™ combined offer

Free2hire™ creates stand projects that are reusable and sustainable over an exhibiting programme, while at the same time reducing cost and increasing operational efficiency. The plan is very popular, especially with overseas based exhibitors with exhibition stands in Europe and exhibitors who have a busy events calendar.

All Free2hire™ design and build proposals include Photo-Floor™ bundled in, at a nominal cost. Alan explains the reasoning; “we want our clients’ exhibition stands to be distinctive in the exhibition hall, and we know Photo-Floor™ will do that for them. We didn’t want Photo-Floor™ to be an expensive option that inhibited the exhibitor from choosing something we know will be great for them”.

So the next time you’re at an exhibition or event look out for the Quadrant2Design stands – you can’t miss them!

Quadrant2Design are an exhibition design and build company located in Poole, Dorset on the South Coast of the United Kingdom. The company was formed in 2000 and now builds over 500 exhibition stands per annum, for clients such as the Bank of England, Olympus, Tesco and hundreds of SME’s, Charities and Public Sector organisations.

Website: https://www.quadrant2design.com
Phone: 0044 (0) 1202 723 500
Email: [email protected]

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