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Revolutionising Precision: How Camera Matching Systems are Revolutionising Direct Marketing

Camera matching systems are empowering organisations all over the world to delve into the realm of hyper-personalisation, creating tailor-made messages that resonate with individual recipients.

How much does Direct Mail cost?

The cost of a direct mail campaign can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the type / format of mailing, the size of the mailing list and the type of paper & printing required.

The Carbon Footprint of Mail: By Royal Mail Marketreach

From sourcing to recycling, this thorough Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) reveals the environmental impact of each stage of the mail process.

5 Tips To Make Your Direct Mail Stand Out

When using direct mail as a part of your marketing strategy, you want to create high-quality mail that grabs the attention of your target market

Royal Mail have just announced their new January to March 2020 Incentive

16 page Catalogue mailing uses AI

First Move has just produced a 5,000 A5 catalogue mailing, which contained 6,421 different product descriptions and images. Each catalogue was totally unique not only in the products and images shown, but also in the messaging.