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Why it is important to continually evolve your brand for market success

But if our brand is working well already, surely the best thing to do is carry on with it for a consistent approach? While there is certainly merit in keeping a brand consistent, to help make it recognisable, you also need to keep up with the market if you want to succeed. The fact is, the world is […]

Healthcare marketing tactics to engage with physicians

As a marketing expert, getting healthcare professionals and physicians to engage with you can be quite difficult. It’s not as simple as an elevator pitch to the average businessman. The process can be complex and involves a lot of forethought.

How to Get the Most out of Your Product Sampling Campaigns

According to a recent study, 96% of customers who had an interest in a product said they were more likely to purchase as a result of trying or experiencing it – so it’s no wonder that product sampling campaigns form a critical component of many marketing plans.

How is healthcare marketing changing?

From online medical consultation to the estimation of human cognition through artificial intelligence, technology in this digital age is continuously advancing.

Why An Experience Wins Everytime

Immersive experiences work because they envelop the user in a world where they connect directly, making them more likely to pick a brand or service over others.