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Hire Frequencies Case Study: The CONSEC 2020 Online Conference – A prestigious convention goes virtual

CONSEC is the Association of Security Consultant’s showcase annual event, a big day in the security industry’s calendar attracting many renowned exhibitors. Hire Frequencies were tasked with re-imagining this illustrious event virtually

Get the Light Right – Importance of Retail Lighting

The world of retail has changed enormously in recent years, with consumers focusing on more than just the products themselves.

The future of corporate event management

The law of unintended consequences is certainly present in this pandemic scenario. Decisions are being made as knee-jerk reactions to the threat of […]

Staying connected with virtual events

The physical constraints resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic have a direct impact on relationships, especially in the business-to-business sector […]

Talking business

Talking business

Virtual meetings and video conferences are rapidly emerging as a new medium for business communications. Cost-effective technological solutions are now available for every type of live event.

Event Staff for every Industry …

Event Staff for every Industry …

Research shows that the number of events and meetings globally are on the up. This is no surprise as events can bring a lot of benefits. For example, the average return on investment for events is typically 25-34%.