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Don’t kill the creative process – how to avoid these 4 common mistakes

From lacklustre lightbulb moments to sure-fire creativity-killers. If you’re looking to get the freshest creative ideas for your business, then check out these 4 ways to avoid crushing the creative bit.

Animation vs Live Action Video: How to Choose the Right One for Your Business

When it comes to creating a marketing video for your business, the options are endless. However, two popular options are animation and live action video. Each has its unique benefits and drawbacks.

How to Harness Your Human Side and Boost Your Business with Video

Whatever the size of your business, humanising your brand is one of the best ways to get your audience to connect with you. If you’re looking to celebrate your softer side, here are 5 fantastic ways video can add extra visibility to your human vibe.

Steel The Scene – the genius behind the workings of BBCs ‘The Wheel’

Steel the Scene was commissioned to design, build and install the bespoke 12.9 metre high speed revolve

Lockdown Learnings

Lockdown Learnings

As we begin the new year by entering another national lockdown, it feels like a good time to reflect and share some of our learnings from creating video content throughout 2020.