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Jules Akel designs new version of the Brig O’Perth brand

“I help brands create an emotional bond with their audiences, one way is through nostalgia—implying that the better things of the past have been lovingly preserved.”

Brand development programme – stages of work

When undertaking a brand development programme, branding agencies will normally split the work into a series of phases.

Brand design in 2022 – what to be aware of? | Ice House Design

As the year closes in, what should you be aware of in brand design in 2022.
It’s important that brands keep up with being meaningful and engage with audiences.

Understanding brand architecture

Brand architecture is a very complex subject to understand and in this post we will try and help you learn a little bit more about what it means.

Print your Pantone colour with XG expertise

Print your Pantone colour with XG expertise

Pantone references are universally understood colour codes, often used in branding and design. But how does this translate when using modern print methods, and how are you guaranteed the high standard of products you expect from us?

How are you managing your brand?

How are you managing your brand?

Managing a brand is a full time role and can be a challenging one. One that will vary depending on the organisation size and whether you are an owner of the business or an employee.