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Jules Akel designs new version of the Brig O’Perth brand

“I help brands create an emotional bond with their audiences, one way is through nostalgia—implying that the better things of the past have been

Brand development programme – stages of work

When undertaking a brand development programme, branding agencies will normally split the work into a series of phases.

Brand design in 2022 – what to be aware of? | Ice House Design

As the year closes in, what should you be aware of in brand design in 2022.
It’s important that brands keep up with being meaningful and engage with audiences.

Here’s how to decide where to stick your apostrophe.

Now that tech companies offer us automatic spelling and punctuation suggestions, have we reached the point where we should stop worrying about your/you’re, lets/let’s and its/it’s?

Don’t run before you can walk

Don’t run before you can walk

As an agile strategic branding and design business we are fortunate enough to work with ambitious businesses of all shapes and sizes, from start-ups through to large national organisations. Regardless of the business size we find each company that engages us has aspirations of becoming something much bigger and better. […]