AVD provide language interpretation to webinars

Sep 3, 2020 | Audio Visual, Blog

If you are organising a Zoom meeting or webinar consider that some of the participants may not speak English as a first language.

Keeping up with a fast paced presentation can be difficult at the best of times, but add in poor audio and a limited vocabulary and it makes it even harder and less productive.

Consider only 4.6% of the World’s population actually speak English as a first language. That is just 360 Million people and there are 7.8 Billion people in the World, of which 4.57 Billion are apparently active internet users.

It is possible that not supporting other languages in your online webinars could be limiting your audience and it could help improve your ROI as your message gets heard by a wider audience.

When organising interpretation for a meeting you can source interpreters directly and have them work remotely from their homes but there is another way that will add immeasurably to your meeting success.

Rather than work remotely from home interpreters can go to a growing network of dedicated remote interpretation studios. This gives the interpreters a much better work environment free from domestic disturbances and limited internet connectivity.

A Studio should typically have sound attenuating booths for the interpreters, ISO standard equipment with excellent quality audio with full technical support and a business grade fibre internet connection.

This environment promotes a better quality product with seamless handovers with no awkward silences, or cross talk, between the interpreters. The audio is far better and it allows your interpreters to concentrate on the content and not the tech.

At AVD they set up the studio to meet your needs and test the lines and audio feeds before the webinar to ensure there are no technical issues. They manage the on boarding of the interpreters and all their systems are hard wired to their own fibre to building leased line internet connection.

Sourcing interpreters directly and having them work remotely from their homes is cheaper, but a studio like AVDs provides the best quality in terms of the interpretation accuracy, audio quality and working conditions.

You could see it as just adding an unnecessary layer of involvement but we believe they add value and help assure your meetings success.

AVD do not add any markup to the interpreters’s fees, you pay what they pay. The extra cost is only for the added benefit of the services they provide. If you only have 2 hours, it pays to make sure those 2 hours count and are fully productive.

Contact AVD to find out more.


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