Christmas is coming! Despite the Tiers, Keep the cheers! with this Socially Distanced Cracker

Dec 4, 2020 | Blog, Promotional Merchandise

Celebrate Christmas safely this year with our new socially distancing Christmas crackers!

Each cracker is 1-metre long, and can come with either your own supplied gifts or we supply them for you.

The central barrel is 70cm, and the diameter is 6cm. It is a hexagonal cracker.

It is available in two options; flat, with a strip of double-sided tape for you to use and assemble the cracker, or pre-made by us and filled with four fun, novelty toy, party items. Subject to availability.

Ribbons, snaps, hats and jokes included in the pre-made cracker. The flat cracker comes with ribbons and snaps and is easy to assemble.

Watch our How-To video for this cracker:

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