D10 Studios opens a new space in Shoreditch

Sep 22, 2022

After celebrating our 10 year anniversary we are proud to announce our brand new state-of-the-art studio, centred in the heart of Shoreditch’s creative hub.

This open-plan space allows complete immersive overload for all seasoned professionals. Spacious and airy, the Shoreditch studio lands with 1000 square feet of usable floor room. Featuring a huge L-shaped cove which is ideal for all those perfect photo shoots and production videos.

What’s more, the space is also the perfect size and design to be tailored for your new product launch or event.

The relaxed setting includes make-up and hair stations for styling your models, a kitchen for refreshments, and a design suite for prepping your products. Located on the ground floor, this new space is ideal for shoots or events that need heavy or cumbersome production materials.

A private underground parking space is available, just ask! Additionally, we are within walking distance of Old Street Station, Shoreditch High Street Station, and Liverpool Street Station.

So whichever creative venture you need us for, book our new studio now!

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