How BIM and VR are transforming workplace design and marketing

Dec 6, 2018 | Blog, Design, Digital, Marketing Services, Visualisation

Indent recently created a new brand identity and website for office fitout company Mobius at Work. In the course of the project we gained valuable insights into how new tools will shape the design and marketing of workplaces.

Designers and property agents generally use plans, photography, video and CGIs to present workplace possibilities to prospective occupiers. 3D walkthroughs such as Matterport are recent additions, particularly in the residential market.

The next step is to use Building Information Modelling (BIM) and Virtual Reality (VR) as tools for designing and marketing workplaces, particularly in refurbished buildings.


BIM is a powerful design and collaboration tool. It enables the building of accurate digital spaces which contain a huge range of data about all existing and proposed specifications. The power of this tool in the commercial fit-out sector is endless as it provides a detailed 3D, data-rich digital model containing all operations and maintenance information. Once the design has been delivered, the model is available to view online on any device, at any time.

Space planning and interior design

The first step is to survey the workspace in order to create an accurate 3D digital mode. When the digital model has been created, a space planning and interior design team gets to work, drafting an initial layout proposal.

After the initial design has been created, the designers can work with agents and occupiers to tweak and change parts of the layout during virtual reality consultations.

3D VR visualisation

A range of techniques are used to achieve accurate representations of the proposed space, giving all stakeholders the opportunity to perfect the final design. From still visuals to 360-degree panoramic renders and walkthrough videos, a range of ways now exist to show a new workplace in detail.

VR client suite

The latest development in visualisation methods is a space where an occupier can visit and become fully immersed in the virtual world of their new workplace. They can walk through and look around to gain an accurate representation of the look, flow and feel of the space as a whole.

In the VR suite real-time edits to fabrics and finishes can be made, as well as moving and deleting furniture and walls etc. Simultaneously the architectural model and drawing sheets are updated.