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Jul 1, 2021 | Blog, Photography

New light through old windows

We’ve created a new homely look in the studio by installing super smart Plantation Shutters in one of the alcoves. It provides a great new angle where you can mimic atmospheric light streaming in through a window.

So you can get shooting as soon as possible, we can recreate this
or any of our other set ups before you arrive.

Set up cost is just £195
including all lights, furniture and props.

The plantation home set up here uses our ceiling mounted lighting so you can go nice and wide without a lightstand in sight.

The effect is augmented by an adjustable Dedo light fitted with a slatted gobo projecting a venetian blind effect onto the adjacent wall. It currently has two ceiling powered RGB LED tubes providing the illumination. As well as being bi-colour, they can also be set to produce interesting lighting effects such as police car, lightning etc. The shutters are easily opened for you to add your own lighting or removed completely for a clean background.

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