Quadrant2Design Launches New Dedicated Show Websites for Exhibitors

Jan 10, 2022 | Blog, Exhibitions

Leading exhibition stand contractor, Quadrant2Design, has announced the launch of its exciting new facility for exhibitors to enable hybrid exhibiting.  Hybrid exhibiting will take traditional exhibiting and offer a digital extension for the company, maximising the ROI of a trade show.

Working with its sister company, web designers Koreti, the company are delighted to be able to offer a dedicated show website to customers to fully integrate digital marketing into their exhibition attendance.  These microsites will enable a business to more effectively market themselves ahead of a show, add an extra dimension for visitors during the show and boost their post-show marketing and lead conversion. As well as this the sites provide a fully-fledged virtual presence for those who can’t attend in person.

Quadrant2Design is one of the UK’s leading exhibition contractors. Every year they design, build and install over 600 stands worldwide. They handle the whole process in-house from design through to print and production, they even carry out a 100% pre-build of every stand before it leaves their premises for the ultimate quality control.

A Difficult Time

The last two years have been challenging for the events industry, with all live events cancelled due to the pandemic, they only resumed when all restrictions were lifted on 19 July 2021 .  Because of this, many events embraced digital channels, creating virtual events.  While these have certainly been better than nothing, they cannot replace all the big advantages of live events, there is no comparison.  Online you cannot engage in face-to-face marketing or networking with industry peers.  In addition, it has often been challenging to create an online presence that is effective and actually stands out within the organiser provided virtual event platforms.

But this period has highlighted the need for exhibitors to embrace digital marketing to compliment their physical presence at an exhibition.  Many trade shows are retaining a digital element, creating hybrid events.  These allow those who are unable to attend an event physically to still access exhibitors, presentations and seminars online.

A New Venture

Quadrant2Design have created a digital solution for exhibitors that will enable them to really promote their presence at a trade show effectively, both before, during  and after the event.

These event microsites are dedicated standalone websites providing the perfect platform to raise awareness of a business’s presence at a show, engage with those who can’t physically attend and effectively follow up and convert leads.

The microsite will carry the same branding as their exhibition stand to seamlessly link the two together. It will allow visitors to understand where they are in the hall, what stand to look out for and which members of the team will be on the stand.  They will also be able to book meetings with the exhibitor and see any show deals that are being offered.

On the stand will be a QR code that will give visitors access to the microsite for further information.

During the show, the microsite can be used for lead capture so that all contacts made are stored in the same place, automating the lead capture process.  These will be easily exported into a spreadsheet after the event to allow for follow-up.

All prospects are automatically emailed by the site after the show to thank them for their time, with a link to the microsite to remind them, this will keep the company fresh in their minds.

For those who can’t attend, a virtual version of the stand, live streams of presentations, demonstrations and talks are available plus company literature to download.

You can see an example of a microsite here.

A Seamless Solution

Because event microsites are produced by the Quadrant2Design team, not only are they unique to each customer with individual features, layout and branding, but also tie in seamlessly with their Quadrant2Design exhibition stand, for the first truly effective hybrid-exhibiting solution.

With a turnaround of only a few weeks, the microsites can start generating interest in the business several weeks prior to the event, and should be an essential part of pre-event marketing.

People expect to find all the information they need online now so having a dedicated standalone website to promote a business’s event attendance represents the future of event marketing.  They not only promote your attendance and provide information, but also automate the lead taking process, eliminating the need for data entry or buying additional lead capture software.  They should be the go-to facility for all prospective exhibitors wishing to maximise their ROI.


: www.quadrant2design.com
E[email protected]
T: 01202 723 500

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