Unleash the magic of mail

Aug 27, 2021 | Blog, Direct Mail

Did you know there’s been a 70% increase in online activity driven by mail? Unleash the magic of mail with Best Mailing Services. 36 years and still roaring. A founder member of the Strategic Mailing Partnership with Royal Mail

Like a fire-breathing lion, mail is hard to ignore.

Over the last year, a whopping 96%* of mail was engaged with. That’s a record level. On average, people interact with an item of mail 4 times.

And in uncertain times, it retains consumer confidence. 87%** of people rate mail as believable. It ranks as one of the most trusted channels for Gen Z audiences, second only to search.

So if you’re interested in marketing effectiveness, mail has to be in the mix. Its combination of reach, trust and consumer engagement make it impossible to overlook.

** Royal Mail Marketreach, The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times, Kantar TNS 2017

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