What is Virtual Production?

Jun 5, 2024

An Overview of Virtual Production

At Broadley Studios we have created the only independent green screen, multi-camera, Virtual production studios in Central London. In the heart of the gallery sit 2 render engines powered by Brainstorm InfinitySet, Unreal Engine, Aston 3D graphics, camera tracking is provided by the Mo-Sys StarTracker Max and camera movement by MRMC. All these tools help craft incredibly realistic and dynamic looking stand out virtual production content. With our support you can achieve dynamic productions, resulting in impactful thumb stopping content, beautiful looking studio shows and most importantly more sustainable, greener productions.

What is Virtual Production?

Virtual production technology is transforming content creation and filmmaking by seamlessly integrating live-action footage with computer-generated imagery in real-time. This innovation has revolutionized the production of movies, TV shows, and events.

Virtual Production: Seamless Fusion to Stunning Realism

Virtual Production offers limitless creative possibilities for content creators and it allows the seamless fusion of live action with virtual worlds. In simple terms, Virtual Production enables content creators to shoot and broadcast live action from within virtual worlds and beautiful virtual locations. It allows you to be in any world or location one can imagine, bringing flexibility, adaptability, and contingency to a whole new level.

Dynamic Workflows

At Broadley, we prioritize flexibility and speed without compromising quality and cost-effectiveness. We can shoot in one day across various virtual locations and deliver final pixel rushes shortly after wrap. For multi-camera broadcast productions, we can record or broadcast live from our studio, using our on-site gallery and skilled crew. Whether you’re a filmmaker, producer, social media influencer, advertising creative, or communications officer, the Metaverse offers tremendous opportunities as a location for your projects.

Multi-Cam in Video Production

Definition: Multi-cam involves using two or more cameras or live video feeds, cutting between them to show different angles of the studio and graphical information, making the video more engaging. We are able to process, key live and record up to 4 tracked camera channels. This gives clients the ability to create stunning and engaging content.


Mo-Sys Star Tracker System

Definition: The Mo-Sys StarTracker is an innovative camera tracking technology primarily used in virtual production and augmented reality environments.

How It Works:

  1. Components and Setup:
    • StarMap: Retroreflective stickers or dots placed on the studio ceiling.
    • Camera and Sensor: A sensor on the camera captures the StarMap’s position.
  2. Operation:
    • Calibration: Maps the positions of stickers relative to the studio space.
    • Real-Time Tracking: The sensor captures StarMap images, and software determines the camera’s position and orientation in real-time.
    • Data Processing: Tracking data, including the camera’s coordinates and orientation, is fed into the virtual production system.
  3. Integration with Virtual Sets:
    • Rendering: Ensures virtual elements align with live-action footage.
    • Seamless Movement: Maintains stable virtual elements regardless of camera movement.
  4. Advantages:
    • High Accuracy: Precise tracking even with rapid movements.
    • Scalability: Suitable for various environments.
    • Simplicity: Easy setup and quick calibration.

Difference Between Camera Tracking and Motion Tracking

Camera Tracking:

  • Definition: Determines the camera’s position and orientation in a physical space to replicate its movements in a 3D environment.
  • Applications: Virtual production, augmented reality.

Motion Tracking:

  • Definition: Follows the movement of objects from the camera’s perspective, such as people or vehicles.
  • Applications: Visual effects, sports analysis, robotics.


Brainstorm’s InfinitySet

Definition: InfinitySet meets diverse needs from advanced tracked virtual sets to inexpensive trackless environments. It features virtually unlimited camera options and TrackFree™ technology for merging tracked and trackless environments.

  • Functionality: Acts as a hub for various technologies and hardware needed for virtual sets and augmented reality.
  • Components: Includes tracking and control devices, mixers, chroma keyers, and NRCS workflows for journalists.


Aston 3D Motion Graphics

Definition: Aston 3D is a real-time 3D graphics creation, playout, and motion graphics system used in broadcasting and live production.

Key Features and Functions:

  1. Real-Time 3D Graphics Creation:
    • Design Interface: User-friendly tools for designing 3D models, text, and animations.
    • Real-Time Editing: Instant updates during live productions.
    • Library and Templates: Pre-made assets for quick graphic creation.
  2. Motion Graphics:
    • Animation Tools: Animate text, shapes, and 3D models with keyframing and motion paths.
    • Interactive Elements: Graphics that respond to user inputs or data feeds.
    • Data Integration: Real-time data to animate graphics based on live data.
  3. Playout and Control:
    • Playout Management: Manages the scheduling and playback of graphics.
    • Control Interfaces: Trigger graphics manually or automate deployment.
    • Integration: Works with other broadcast systems for a smooth workflow.

Unreal Engine:

Overview: Unreal Engine is a robust real-time 3D creation tool used in gaming, film, television, architecture, and more, developed by Epic Games.

Key Features and Functions:

  1. Real-Time 3D Graphics Creation:
    • Design Interface: Comprehensive tools for creating 3D models, textures, and animations.
    • Real-Time Rendering: Instant changes and adjustments.
    • Asset Library: Pre-made assets and templates.
  2. Interactive Experiences:
    • Blueprints: Visual scripting for gameplay mechanics and interactions.
    • Physics and AI: Simulates realistic interactions and intelligent behaviors.
    • VR/AR Support: Supports virtual and augmented reality experiences.
  3. Real-Time Collaboration and Playout:
    • Multi-User Editing: Enhances collaboration with simultaneous project work.
    • Live Link: Real-time data streaming for live updates.
    • Deployment Options: Supports multiple platforms.


Virtual production technologies like Mo-Sys StarTracker, Brainstorm’s InfinitySet, Aston 3D, and Unreal Engine are transforming content creation by integrating live-action with virtual elements in real-time. These tools enhance the quality and efficiency of visual effects, interactive experiences, and real-time collaboration, making high-quality content more accessible and engaging across various industries. At Broadley, we embrace adaptability and dynamic workflows to deliver exceptional virtual production services, ensuring flexibility, speed, and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.


To find out more about our studios and production services, and how we can help you and your shoot, please call us on +442077255858 or email us at [email protected].

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