Come in from the cold! New heated concrete cove in London

Jan 22, 2024

Join us in our newly refurbished studio and creative space featuring the one and only under floor heated cove in London.

Our new heated concrete cove has a built semi permanent cove floor, flat matt white and fully wipeable.

Now means, you can still get a pristine matt white look, with the opportunity to remove it and shoot directly onto an industrial concrete finished floor as well.

Mill Row Club studio is a bespoke daylight studio with black out option, available to hire for a wide range of shoots: e-commerce, launches, products, editorial, fashion, beauty, music videos, and many more.

Mill Row Club studio is also an event space. We offer you a white canvas where we can help you design the event of your dreams.

Book your space now!

Email Eddie and Ali at [email protected].


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