How much does an exhibition stand cost?

Oct 26, 2022

This is a question we are asked several times daily. We offer event display solutions for all settings and at all price points. For simplicity most exhibition stands fall into one of three categories.

Portable displays for smaller and medium sized stands, suitable for tool-free self-installation. Typical examples include pop up displays, Twist display systems, freestanding banners, light boxes and Formulate fabric displays. Typical budget from £500 – £2,500.

Reusable Modular displays for medium sized stands, either suitable for tool-free self-installation or supported by one of our installation teams. Typically these are based on a simple metal framework (e.g. T3, Octanorm, Unibox, BeMatrix), a kit of parts, to which either fabric or vinyl graphics can be attached. Modular exhibition stands are always re-configurable which means that they can be re-assembled to fit spaces of any size or shape. These give the look and feel of a custom built stand for much less cost. Once purchased you can re-use modular systems over and over to save significant amounts of money in the medium / long term. Budget from £2,500 up.

Custom exhibition stands are supported by our full service project managed design, build and removal service. In terms of budgeting the sky is the limit, especially if you want a multi-deck structure. Typical budget from £400 and up per square metre.

Our team of experts are always on hand to chat or suggest budget guidelines for all exhibition stand and event display projects. Get in touch by phone on 0203 983 5797 or email us [email protected]


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