Jules Akel explains the importance of brand design

Aug 27, 2020 | Blog, Branding, Design

“A new brand needs to communicate its story and its promise easily and nimbly.  Before someone enjoys what the brand has to offer they will only see the brand expressed graphically—on screen, in print, in signage—and within a few moments they will sum up the brand’s reputation.


When a brand’s expression is well thought through it should be able to attract customers with more money. And then, as those customers get excited in the brand and invest in it, the brand should then reward them for doing so by making them feel enlightened because their investment in the brand. This should then lead to their reputation being enhanced amongst their peers as they talk about their experiences.  All of this makes selling much easier.


So, the lesson is, employ someone who knows how to create and maintain a brand.”

Designs by Jules Akel

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