The Art of Large Scale Projection bringing Campaigns and Events to Life

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We have the largest rental stock of high powered projectors in the UK north of the midlands, and we are often asked to provide outdoor projection services for clients either at events or as temporary mobile projections.

We can provide a full service working across the UK, but we operate mainly in Scotland and the North of England and past projects have included semi-permanent installations designed to run for several weeks or months when light conditions are appropriate for large scale projection. Depending upon the length of the installation it may be appropriate to consider purchase of equipment and we are equally happy to sell as to hire equipment to our clients. We are happy to discuss your plans and use our experience to offer advice ensuring that an appropriate system is supplied and deployed. We are well versed in ensuring reliability and ease of use are both fully designed in.

Our previous projects encompass a wide range of large scale projection including:

Single night arts based events

Illuminated walk / Son et lumière installations

Guerilla projection campaigns

Marketing installations

Festive installations

Depending upon the requirements of the project we work with a range of other companies and visual artists to deliver projects successfully. Please contact us to discuss your requirements – if it involves large format projection we’ll be able to assist.

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