The Benefits of Mobile Digital Advertising in Edinburgh

Jan 24, 2024

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We here at GoGo Vision are excited to be bringing our Mobile Digital Advertising Campaigns to Edinburgh City Centre this May. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses of all kinds to experience a large-scale and cost-effective promotional campaign in the heart of Scotland’s capital. Even companies that aren’t based in Edinburgh can benefit in many ways from being part of one of our campaigns, all thanks to the freedom, flexibility and creativity afforded by our digital advertising van.


By far the biggest advantage of a GoGo Vision City Centre Campaign over other forms of digital advertising is in the routes taken and prime locations visited across our 10 day campaigns. Our digital advertising van is essentially a mobile billboard, allowing the large-scale and high-resolution imagery of a traditional, stationary billboard, but with the added benefit of being able to travel between set-up spots and along key routes across the city. As part of our Edinburgh advertising campaign, the GoGo screen will visit areas of heavy footfall, such as Princes Street, George Street, Leith Street and Haymarket. We then set up in key spots during prime commuting times for maximum exposure. Even if your business isn’t based in Edinburgh or you don’t know the area well, you can rest assured your ad will be ideally placed in the busiest and most iconic parts of the city.



A lot of the prime locations our digital advertising van will visit during our Edinburgh City Centre campaigns have high numbers of tourists, shoppers and local residents that travel through them daily. However, there is very little competition from other advertising mediums, especially other mobile billboards. Research conducted by the Product Acceptance & Research Institute of Washington DC found that 94% of consumers will remember mobile billboards. This presents a great opportunity to promote your brand, product or service to consumers in areas of Edinburgh that have previously been untouched by the kind of eye-catching and memorable advertising offered by our mobile digital advertising campaigns.



The biggest draw of our digital advertising van as a medium is definitely its creativity and flexibility. We offer 10 second ad slots that play on a 60 second loop, which can consist of anything from static images to video clips with full audio. We can offer ad design as part of our service, or simply play your existing content. The only limit is your imagination! Our screen is designed to show high-resolution imagery that looks great at a distance, up close or even in direct sunlight, so your ad will be noticeable in any weather and in any location. Your business will also have industry exclusivity as part of one of our campaigns, so you can rest assured that your ad will stand out and be remembered by your target market in Edinburgh.

We believe that by bringing our signature service to Edinburgh, we can offer an exciting and memorable form of advertising for businesses that capitalises on the large daily footfall and iconic locations of the city. Reserve your spot today for our first Edinburgh City Centre campaign, running on the 8th-12th & 15th-19th of May. Slots fill up quickly, so if you’re ready to stand out in Scotland’s capital, don’t delay!



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