The Rise of Meat-Free The ‘Moo-vers’ and Shakers?

Jan 27, 2023

Award-winning full-service market research company Vision One is celebrating Veganuary 2023 with the publication of their Whitepaper on “The Rise of Meat-Free.” Using their unique brand tracking tool, BrandVision, Vision One has researched and identified the core brand attributes of four well-known meat-free brands: The Vegetarian Butcher, Linda McCartney’s, Beyond Meat and Quorn. These are just some of the findings from the paper.

  • Quorn is the most widely recognised brand with high spontaneous awareness
  • Beyond Meat has the highest Positive Emotion score of 64 (sitting close to top brands from other sectors, like Weetabix and Kellogg’s)
  • Linda McCartney’s had the lowest momentum share – find out why…

If you want to know which brands are front-of-mind for consumers, which have the highest loyalty or NPS score, then head to Vision One’s website and download the paper.

Charlotte Baird, Head of Food & Drink Research at Vision One, says: “Meat-Free eating is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many. The taste and texture of meat-free analogues are closely replicating those of meat through technological advances. Our whitepaper gives a wealth of insights into the meat-free sector and examines four well-known brands and their brand health.”

About Vision One

Vision One is a full-service strategic insights agency providing high-quality robust data specializing in Food & Drink research including qualitative research, focus groups and brand tracking.

For more information about our expertise in FMCG and Food and Drink Click Here

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