Thinkbox Trends in TV: 2023-24

May 9, 2024

Our friends at Thinkbox are back with their annual TV wrap up. We’ve taken a deep dive through the report and pulled out what we think are the key points!

Viewing patterns have stabilised, somewhat 

Commercial TV viewing (covering linear TV and all forms of broadcaster VOD) held fairly steady across 2023, showing only a 1.7% decline vs 2022. It’s worth remember 2022 was a World Cup year which naturally boosts TV viewing across all audiences. This is the smallest decline we’ve seen since 2016(!), pandemic aside.

BVOD continues to grow –

While linear TV viewing dropped 6%, BVOD saw yet another year of strong growth at 23%! The release of ITVX and all of its exclusive content was a key driver of this.

SVOD subscriptions reaching maturity in UK –

As has been widely reported, SVOD subscriptions dropped marginally last year, although 75% of the population continue to subscribe to at least one service. The crackdown on password sharing coupled with the cost of living crisis are the lead causes of this. It does though paint a picture of an SVOD market that appears to have plateaued and points towards a more stable future of viewing trends.


Link to the full report is here. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to shoot our TV team an email!

Credit: James Budden, Senior AV Manager

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