5 Reasons You Should Hire a Promotional Agency

Sep 10, 2020 | Blog, Events, Promotion Staff & Modelling

Whether you are launching a new business, or simply wanting to spread the word about an upcoming event, you are going to need a level of promotion and marketing.

If you have someone on board that can successfully put this into action, that’s fantastic, however most people or businesses don’t have the resources for that. In this case, it’s probably a good idea to bring in a promotional agency to get the job done both professionally and effectively. Here are some reasons why doing this will benefit you.

Experienced Staff

When you bring in an agency that is solely focused on promotion, you can pretty much guarantee their staff know what they are doing. Therefore, there is no training needed on your part. Your only task is to clue the staff up on your product or event and your goals, then sit back and let them do the rest. They will have been expertly trained and should have plenty of experience in getting the desired results.

Brand Awareness

Want to get the word out there about your company or product? Need to stress exactly the values and ethos of what you are offering to your customers? Want to be the go-to brand in your industry?

You need professionals to get that message across to your target audience. They know and will guide you in exactly how to get your brand out there and well known by the customers you are targeting.

Professional promotional agencies have deep knowledge of the different ways to get your product or service to market. They’ll look at cost-effective strategies that you may not think of and wouldn’t necessarily be able to pull off yourself, like mass leaflet distribution, data capturing, press releases, and SEO. Ultimately, they will figure out the best routes and platforms to get to customers most likely to want what you are offering.

Time and Finance

It is no secret that hiring professionals can be a costly exercise. However, try to balance this with the cost of training someone within your company, both in financial terms and time. Not to mention the fact that the person you invest all those resources into could just up and leave to go elsewhere, leaving you back at square one.

Wouldn’t it just be more productive to hire in an agency as and when you need it? Promo agencies have systems and staff in place, massively reducing your cost and time investment.

Return on Investment

Having professionals in to promote for you should see an increase in interest and sales for your company. Think, if you are launching a brand-new product, say, a new type of soft drink, how would you get it out there successfully?

By hiring a professional agency, you can ensure they will lead the way in terms of marketing; by creating effective promotional materials, hosting an event, connecting, and engaging with potential customers in the right way. This should be far more likely to encourage sales during, and even after the event.

Trust is Everything

This point really leads on from the previous one in that, at first contact, your customer is more likely to feel more at ease with promotional staff from a professional agency.

‘Having a strong relationship with customers begins with the initial contact that customers have with you. A personal relationship with businesses is typically needed before customers can form an opinion about you and your brand’ (Breeze People).

That is not to say that your company cannot be trusted, it is simply that the agency can help build up that trusting relationship between your company and customers more efficiently and effectively, thus leaving you to continue with the production and running of your business.

So, are you convinced that hiring a promotional agency is the best way to go for your business? Whether it’s our experienced promo staff at Event Staff Scotland, or someone else, you can expect a good return on investment.

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