Live events deliver the PIE factor

Mar 31, 2022 | Blog, Events, Featured, Live Streaming

The live events effect

Covid-19 has disrupted life across the world.  Its widest impact has been in isolating people from each other. The consequences include a severe economic slump and a strain on public services.

The most significant effects for many people have been loneliness, depression and fear.  The pandemic has shown how much we rely on personal interaction and engagement.

Live events reflect the natural desire for support and protection.  The formula for successful events is simple. We call it PIE:

  • Personal
  • Recognition
  • Support
  • Advice
  • Interaction
  • Connection
  • Dialogue
  • Understanding
  • Engagement
  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Co-operation

Only live events – people meeting other people – satisfy our gregarious instinct. We have evolved to be co-dependent.  Live events are a modern version of gathering round the campfire to eat, keep warm and stay safe.

Live events post-pandemic

There is still uncertainty and nervousness about live events.  Barriers to travelling and meeting in larger numbers are shrinking.  The “new normal” is a future in which we get used to living with Covid-19.

Live events will be a vital part of the economic and social recovery that we all want.  Job security, economic growth and personal freedom all depend on moving forward safely.  An experienced event management company provides the knowledge and resources needed to plan and manage successful events.   The panoply of live events includes:

  • meetings
  • presentations
  • hospitality
  • team-building
  • product launches
  • celebrations and
  • awards

The future of live events

The events industry quickly adapted to the new Covic-19 circumstances using the internet to connect groups in “virtual” meetings.  “Zoom” events became familiar to business and personal users.  Virtual meetings, presentations and even parties brought people together.

There are now more event options available to our clients.  Events can be delivered entirely online, in a hybrid event form (both face to face and online) or entirely live.  Only the pure live events formula makes the maximum impact in delivering the benefits of PIE – Personal recognition, Interaction and Engagement.

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