Maximising video content in your marketing mix

Jul 26, 2021 | Blog, Video

Theres a million and one (ish) stats out there about video production, or video marketing, or how a well-made video can perform wonders for your business or your client’s business.  We all know the saying about statistics, but the truth of the matter is in many instances, when targeted and created with real care and attention, a video should help you to gain traction and move the needle – be it for driving traffic, converting leads, educating customers, training staff – whatever metric you are judging success by.

And that’s all fine.  You find the right agency to work with, you make a great video, it does its job and you have a success on your hands.

Now what?

Maybe start again?  Find another budget, start the process over?

What if there’s just a better way of working with videos and good video providers?

At MWS Media, we call these Content Packages.  Essentially, we try and take some of the onus off our customers by working with them and their marketing strategy to use video where and when it is most appropriate and effective.  We set out a plan over three, six or twelve months, with the types of video – be they explainer, advertising, product, sales, brand awareness, social media – and the styles of video – from a simple talking head to a 3D animation to an interview with a satisfied customer, or from live-streaming to a fully produced advert with actors, shot on location or on green screen – all carefully scheduled.  This means you can plan ahead with your marketing and know that the video content you need will be there when you need it.

And the kicker?  You save money.  Oftentimes a lot of money.

How?  Because like anything video production follows a process, and the more streamlined the process the quicker and easier it becomes.  Our production flow can be carefully built around your schedule to maximise the output, lessening the resources and hours required and saving you on your budget.  A one off video that was costing you one amount actually ends up costing far less.  And most of our content package clients prefer to pay a simple monthly fee for the duration of the package, so they can spread the cost of all the videos over several months.

And even better, you know that we have worked with you to develop each piece of content, carefully targeting each type and style of video to the intended audience and distribution platform, be it your website, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Instagram or even Snapchat!

The final benefit is flexibility.  The saying goes that if you don’t have a plan, you can’t change it, and our Content Packages come with flexibility built in.  If your messaging changes, we adjust the videos accordingly.  It makes it so much easier for you to get the content you want, when you want, for less.  And we are as happy shooting on location as we are here at our Greenham Airfield Studio in Newbury, Berkshire, right smack dab between Bristol and London.

So there it is.  A video can be great.  But a carefully planned and integrated plan for updated video content can be far greater.  Drop us a line if you ever want to find out more, we’re on 01635 44812 or [email protected].

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