Quadrant2Design retained by Starlink for first UK Exhibition

Apr 22, 2024

Dorset company Quadrant2Design has recently collaborated with the world-famous Starlink on their exhibition stand. The exhibition stand contractor has been recognised by Starlink for building high-quality and reliable bespoke exhibition stands, perfected by over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Starlink is a revolutionary satellite internet constellation operated by Elon Musk’s Space X. Their UK exhibition debut took place at Everything Electric (20th-30th March 2024). The up-and-coming event, founded by actor, writer, and broadcaster Robert Llewellyn, is dedicated to clean and alternative energy sources.

Everything Electric was the perfect platform for Starlink to showcase its groundbreaking internet solution. Starlink’s satellite internet constellation is the first and largest of its kind; its unique low orbit ensures a reliable and efficient internet connection.

Starlink’s UK exhibition organiser chose Quadrant2Design’s revolutionary Free-Hire Plan. Quadrant2Design worked with Starlink to design the stand and supply the hardware. The Free-Hire Plan allows clients to invest in graphic panels that make up a 100% graphic look. Quadrant2Design manage the project, build, and dismantle the stand and even store client graphics ready for future exhibits. Stands are modular, so can be reconfigured to use across an exhibition calendar.

The exhibition contractor has worked with many clients in the alternative energy sector and is rapidly becoming the go-to contractor for sustainable exhibitions.

Quadrant2Design’s Director Andrew Carney said, “High-tech companies are choosing us because our Custom-modular stands are so malleable. No other company provides a solution offering such versatile design choices while still being sustainable and reconfigurable.”

Quadrant2Design’s collaboration with Starlink at Everything Electric was a great success. The stand provided the perfect space for Starlink to introduce their satellite internet constellation to the UK market. Mr Carney also said: “It was brilliant bringing Starlink’s concept to life. Our designers certainly enjoyed working with such an innovative company. We look forward to many more shows and a long and successful partnership.”

Quadrant2Design hosts one of the largest online exhibition film and photography libraries. Examples of their work, including Starlink, can be viewed at https://www.quadrant2design.com/.

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