Turbocharged Insights from Vision One’s New Advanced Research Unit (ARU)

Mar 24, 2023

Innovative, award-winning, full-service market research company Vision One is celebrating the launch of their new Advanced Research Unit (ARU).

In today’s world of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, insight agencies need to raise their game and take market research to a new level. So, Vision One has decided to create an elite team of neuromarketing and insight experts to provide a new dimension to consumer research.

Human behaviour is complex, and often there is a large disparity between what consumers say they will do and how they behave! The demand for neuromarketing and qualitative insights is as strong as ever because Big Data often lacks the depth of insight into the people behind the numbers.

Through the ARU, Vision One plans to explore all the complexities of human decision making and behaviours. The team will go beyond looking at past and present behaviours to help predict the future and future outcomes. Vision One can explore a range of sensory signals such as:

  • Eye-Tracking to explore how the consumers ‘sees’ your product, brand or marketing.
  • Observation and ethnography (AKA people watching) to gain a clear and unobtrusive view of how consumers naturally behave in the real world.
  • Investigating the unconscious mind using our unique neuroimaging offering, enabling measurement of brain waves in response to different product, brand or marketing stimuli in different environments.
  • Incorporating cutting-edge biometric technology to measure people’s sensory and facial responses to product, brand, or marketing stimuli.

Dr Hannah Roberts, ARU Research Manager at Vision One, says: “We aim to go beyond the conscious and the obvious to help our clients understand unconscious decision making within System1.  We are very excited to offer our new neuro toolkit to clients to help tackle the hardest insight Challenges.”

 Tony Lewis, VIsion One’s CEO, says; “We. are delighted to have not just one, but two neuroscientists in the ARU. This means we can now offer exciting new approaches for our clients – which are already opening new doors and unlocking new insights. Recent ground-breaking projects have been a real hit with our clients, and we look forward to sharing some of these publicly in due course.”

About Vision One

Vision One is a full-service strategic insights agency providing high-quality robust data specializing in Neuromarketing and System1 thinking and consulting services.


For more information about our expertise and the ARU Click Here

And for more information about Vision One visit our About Us page

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