Why An Experience Wins Everytime

Feb 22, 2019 | Blog, Branding, Marketing Services

Woof know a thing or two about immersive brand experiences – we’ve been doing it successfully for over 15 years.

Our understanding of how an experience impacts consumers’ memories and feelings towards a brand, allows us to deliver unforgettable sensory experiences that drive behaviour change.

Immersive experiences work because they envelop the user in a world where they connect directly, making them more likely to pick a brand or service over others.

Traditionally consumers have been spectators, happy to view advertising and marketing campaigns in familiar formats. But the way consumers interact with brands has changed forever.

Marketing Week (2013) ran a survey in which 48 per cent of respondents said they were ‘more likely to buy a new product if they could try it first’. 

Consumers now want more and enjoy being part of the campaign. To see, taste, smell and try. They are happy to give their attention and time as long as the experience is good enough.

If you, as a consumer, experience a positive emotion connected to a product you will remember it and want to associate with it. As a result, you will engage with that brand in a more proactive way.

…The brands who are investing in creating immersive experiences for their target audiences are the ones that succeed.”

Source: digitalmarketingmagazine.co.uk

Woof has always had a very clear understanding of the experiential link between brands and their overall success. We’ve seen up close the positive feelings a meaningful and memorable experience can create. We’ve seen the results.

One example is our work with Kamarama and Maille Mustard. We built an outdoor dining area along the banks of the Thames, and served a delicious four course meal to 150 guests.

Maille was infused into every dish, allowing visitors to experience the mustard in new and innovative ways.

The social reach of the event was over 800,000, in addition to PR coverage in 114 printed pieces.

However, we’re not just beating the experiential drum here. We also understand the importance of integrating experiential with all the other marketing activities to amplify the experience and generate strong brand touch points.

A physical experience in the real world will lead to chatter, social sharing and digital engagement.

Did you know that if a customer generates online content as a result of a great brand experience, they are four times more likely to become advocates for your business. Nice huh?

It’s clear, that experiential isn’t just about great brand affinity and positive feelings, there is also a huge weight of evidence that it leads to tangible long term commercial returns.

And that can only be a win win situation for everyone.